Silverfish Control Services

Silverfish is a tiny wingless pest which is about 0.5 inches in size. As the name suggests, their skin is silver coloured and they are shaped like small fishes. They have two to three tails of about 5 mm which help them move properly. These pests are commonly found in damp places like laundry rooms, storage sheds, cellar, bathrooms, basements, garage, and under kitchen sinks. Basically anywhere where they can find enough food and moisture.

Problems Caused by Silverfish Infestations

Large volume of silverfish infestations can create enormous damage. They can ruin photographs, books, cardboard boxes and food materials with starch. They can also gnaw and create holes in fabrics and leather.

Silverfish infestations have always been a major headache in both commercial and residential areas throughout Melbourne, Brisbane and nearby areas. These wingless and silvery pests are drawn towards dark and damp places which are often left unchecked. The best way to deal with silverfish infestations is to call a Professional Pest Control Service. Back 2 No Pest is a well-renowned pest control company in Sydney which provides professional silverfish control services at affordable prices.

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    Silverfish Prevention and Control

    Dealing with silverfish infestations can be quite tricky with their talent to jam themselves in even thinnest cracks due to their flat bodies. They come out mostly during night time to search for food. The most effective tip to get rid of them is to prevent them in the first place.

    Here is a List of Ways You Can Prevent Silverfish Pests:

    • Vacuum and thoroughly clean your carpets, furniture, and flooring regularly.
    • Eliminate their key attractants in your house, i.e. their food source. Keep all food materials such as cereals, pet foods, and flour in sealed containers.
    • Make sure there are no leaky pipes in kitchen and bathroom.
    • Dust the corners regularly, particularly the gap behind ovens and refrigerators.
    • Don’t let water accumulate anywhere near your building and garden.
    • Throw away unnecessary items to reduce the mess inside your home.
    Pest Control Service
    Pest Control Service

    Back 2 No Pest Silverfish Control Services

    Silverfish infestation can result in severe damage in your homes and offices if left unchecked. As they have the ability to hide so well and they multiply very slowly, it’s hard to identify their source by yourself. Therefore you need Back 2 No Pest professional silverfish control services.

    Our Experts Provide Following Types of Silverfish Removal Services:

    • Indoor Silverfish Removal Service

      As silverfish love moisture and humidity, our experts will help you deal with excess dampness by installing temporary exhaust fans in affected areas.
      Back 2 No Pest will also help you by sealing up all gaps and cracks in walls where silverfish typically hide and infest. Our technicians will guide you on how to ventilate closed rooms such as attics and basements to make sure they are not invaded by silverfish.

    Outdoor Silverfish Removal Service

    Back 2 No Pest experts will advise you on getting rid of debris like bird nests, heavy rocks, and leaves around the house.
    We will also help you to keep your gutters clean to prevent silverfish infestations near your homes.
    If the situation requires, our experts will apply sprays to prevent these fishy creatures from returning. But rest assured that our solutions are 100 per cent eco-friendly and not at all harmful to pets and children.

    Hire Professional Services

    Back 2 No Pest will completely eradicate silverfish infestations from your homes and offices. Our experts are available 24*7 to assist you with any pest control problems. They possess the skill and expertise required to deal with all pest infestations. Call us today at 1800 441 506 to get a free quote of our services and schedule a Free Appointment.