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Pest Control Brisbane

Pest Control Brisbane – Back 2 No Pest offers amazing services for the removal and control of unwanted insects and rodents from your home and business. Call on 07 3062 8509 for more information.

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If you are looking for the best pest control company in Brisbane, look no further as Back 2 No Pest is here to offer desired results. Our company is considered as the leading pest controllers in the city. Our team of pest controllers has all the required tools and skills to make your premises free from pests in no time. We are working in the domain for more than 15 years and know all the possible ways to remove and control pests from your properties. We are capable of handling all kinds of pests from flying to crawling to seasonals. Moreover, we use safe and eco-friendly treatments for pest removal and control that are completely safe for your kids and pets.

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    Same Day Pest Control Brisbane

    We at Back 2 No Pest Control Brisbane are ready to offer  24 hours and 7 days services to every homeowner, business owner, or any other individual struggling with pest issues. The team of our professionals offers specialized services for pest control in Brisbane. With years of experience, knowledge, and practice, we’ve earned the capability of making your premise free from pests. So, there is no need to try any DIYs from your end. You may have to put much effort into the pest removal from your spaces, whereas our pest controllers can handle such issues with the utmost ease. So, what is the point in doing unnecessary hard work when you can have things done easily and quickly?
    The services we offer range from cockroach control, spider control, moth control, lizard control, bedbug control, wasp and bee control, wasp nest removal, and more. So, what are you waiting for? Avail of our high-end pest control Brisbane services today with guaranteed results.

    Why Do You Need Professional Pest Control Services?

    Because they are professionals. And pros know how to do it the right way with a high success rate. Professionals ought to deliver satisfactory results. Most of the time, it is hard to remove pests from your premises, and even if you do it, you may not achieve the desired results. Therefore, hiring professional pest control services is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. Following are a few more reasons that tell you the need for professional pest control services:

    • Reduced health issues
    • Healthier environment across the property
    • No fear of pest attack
    • Peace of mind
    • A safe feeling in the home
    • No more loss of belongings
    Professional Pest Control Brisbane

    Local Pest Control Team in Brisbane

    We are an Australia-based local pest control company, which has been serving the locals for more the 20 years. Our team have experienced professionals who know every nook and cranny of all the suburbs of Brisbane. Being the local pest controllers we can serve you round the clock, whenever needed. Moreover, we can serve on the weekends and public holidays. The best thing about our services is, they accompany complete customer satisfaction.

    • Local pest controllers
    • 24*7*365 pest control services
    • Flexibility in Working hours
    Local Pest Control Team in Brisbane

    Get Benefited With The End of Lease Pest Control Service

    Call the Professionals of Back 2 No Pest to get the pest control in Brisbane at the end of the lease. We are the best providers of pest control services for renters. We are the solution to the complaint made by the owners to renters for the presence of the pest. We come to your service and make the rented property completely pest-free so that you do not have any chance of complaint. Our robust pest removal services such as pest sanitization, pest treatment, pest fumigation, pest spray, post pest inspection, pest prevention, pest removal, pest extermination, pest disinfection, and pest heat treatment create a secure atmosphere.

    Get Rid of All Kinds of Bugs and Beetles From Your Home

    Back 2 No Pest – Here you can get countless amazing services that will help you to get rid of all types of dirty pests from your homes. Pests are those dirty and disgusting creatures who can contaminate your food by entering your house. Therefore, we are here for the rescue. We have a team of experts who are equipped with the latest and effective solutions to deter all types of pest infestations.

    Pre-Purchase Building Pest Inspection Services

    What is a pre-purchase building pest inspection? It’s a method to ensure that you are investing in the right property. Before buying a property, whether residential or commercial, going for a pest inspection is a wise thing, to make sure that the property is not infested. The team of our professionals brings all the tools to the property, and if found any infestations, they also provide pest removal treatments if requested by the client.

    Cockroach Pest Control:

    Cockroaches are one of the most common pests which prefer bidding at sewages and gutters. And they can enter your homes through opening and bathrooms windows because they cannot survive in hot temperatures. Once they are entered into your homes can create so much mess by contaminating food. Back 2 No Pest is here for the rescue our team of professionals is implemented with advanced and efficient solutions which will surely eradicate all the pest infestation occurring inside your home. Avail of our cockroach control services in Brisbane at affordable prices.

    Bedbug Pest Control:

    Bedbugs as their name indicate they are usually, can be detected under your bedsheets while you relish sleeping without knowing there are bedbugs hidden beneath. In case you find some immediately call a bedbug pest control team to remove them from your residence. They expand their colonies quickly which can lead to a critical quandary for the health of your family members. We at Back 2 No Pest offer the best services to prevent the infestation of bedbugs inside your homes with the help of using safe and effective solutions.

    Spider Pest Control:

    Spiders relocate inside your houses to avoid the critical cold temperatures, also in pursuit of food as well. They are known for one of the poisonous pests and you will usually notice them at a place that has not been in use for many times and has not even been cleaned. Well, If you are dealing with any kind of spider infestation inside your house then you can come to Back 2 No Pest to get the best and efficient spider pest control which will help you to not come in the contact with spiders anymore.

    Moth Control Services:

    Moths are night-loving, flying pests that originally feast on flower pollen. They are quite innocuous insects that can’t chew or sting. The consequential peril they cause is an infestation and decaying food. You can contact us if you want same day moth control at low cost. We are open 24/7 for your support and have got the striking and top-notch equipment with us to hinder their infestation. We have been serving in this industry for more than 20 years hence, have got the full expertise to deter all type pests infestations occurring your houses.

    Wasp and Bees Control:

    You will notice the buzzing around your home in the stagnant winter season and It might disturb you. Wasps might penetrate in your home to stay and for the necessity of food. They can penetrate into your residence through openings. Wasps infestations scarcely grow in winters can be eliminated simply because of their lethargic nature. We at Back 2 No Pest provide wasp control and bee control services at a decent cost. We use safe and eco-friendly pesticides and other solutions to eliminate any kind of flying and crawling pest efficiently from your homes.

    Pest Control Brisbane

    Make Your Business Pest Proof With Back 2 No Pest

    Welcome to Back 2 No Pest here you will get the best solution to deal with all kinds of pests occurring at your business places and making a mess around there. We are serving in this business for more than 2 decades and have grasped all the right and efficient techniques to control any kind of pest infestations.

    Restaurant Pest Management Programs:

    Pests can occur anywhere and restaurants are one of the most preferred places for them because they get a tremendous variety of food there. But no business owner ever wants to serve their customers with food affected by pests. Therefore, It becomes crucial to hire a professional control team to remove pests from each and every corner of the restaurant.

    Office Pest Control:

    An office is a place where we spend most of the time travelling to earn a decent income and to feed our family. If you are dealing with any kind of pests in your office which are making interference during your working hours then you should call a professional pest control team to prevent the troubling infestation. We at Back 2 No Pest are delivering the best services to remove pests from your office efficiently with the help of effective and eco-friendly tools.

    Food Processing Pest Control:

    Without the necessity of food, we can scarcely live and cultivate our work. Therefore, It becomes extremely crucial for you to keep the food items safe and away from pests. Pests are known for infecting and deteriorating food they even invade the food factories as well. And Back 2 No Pest is here for the liberation from troubling pests. We are in this pest controlling industry for years and know all the effective ways to prevent pests infestations.

    Healthcare Facilities Pest Control:

    Hospitals and other healthcare are the places where the patients came for relief from diseases and how would anyone get well if the healthcare environment is affected by pests? Therefore, Back 2 Pest is implementing the best pest control services at a fair price. We apply reliable and eco-friendly pesticides and other solutions to eradicate all types of flying and crawling pests from the Healthcare departments.

    School Pest Management programs:

    Back 2 No Pests is one of the leading names in the industry that controls pests infestation even in schools as well. School is the place where kids learn new things every day and go along for a better future in the country we live in. And if the school is not secured from pests then how will we educate the young generation? Therefore, we are delivering our best and effective pest control in Brisbane services to schools as well.

    Back 2 No Pest

    Flea Pest Control

    Fleas are one of the most creepy creatures that are very hard to get rid of. If the intensity of flea infestation has reached a high level, it is next to impossible to treat it on your own. It is wise to call @07 3062 8509 the experts of our team for flea pest control and release your dear pets from the terror of these tiny pests. Our team will reach your places with all the required tools and essential chemicals that ensure complete flea removal. Not only animals, but they can also affect humans too. That’s why you need to treatflea infestation in the home as soon as possible.

    Rodent Pest Control

    Back 2 No Pest Control Brisbane covers all your pest control needs including rodent pest control at both commercial and residential spaces. Rodent infestation in the home and office can lead to disasters. The most common types of rodents include rats and mice that ruin all your things and belongings from your books to clothes and food to electronics. But worry not our specialized rodent pest control services in Brisbane help you the most in making your premise free from rodents. Delay no more in the rodent control treatment and hire us today.

    Our Specialised Pest Control Treatments

    Pest Control Treatments

    Electronic Killer

    We use electronic devices to kill flying insects. Further, it is a crisp and precise method. Also, it does not create any mess and works without any harmful chemicals.

    Heat Treatment

    We use heat treatment for imported and exported goods. Also, we perform heat treatment for pest control for moss products, water hyacinth, herbs, bark products, grains, grass thatching, and Bali bird seeds. Thus, the process demands precision for effective results. So we train our professionals for the same.

    How We Do Our Pest Control Treatments?

    We follow a four-step procedure to carry out the best pest control treatment services in Brisbane. Also, keep the complete safety of the family members in our mind, while carrying out the procedures.

    • Pest Inspection
    • Treatment determination
    • Pest Control Treatment
    • Revisit

    Pest Inspection-

    The beginning of our pest control procedure is followed by a thorough inspection of pest infestation intensity.

    Pest Control Treatment-

    Afterwards, the team uses appropriate pest control treatment. We spray the eco-friendly chemicals onto the pest-infested areas, including their hiding places in the crack and crevices.

    Treatment Determination-

    Then, our pest control team decides the right pest control treatment that should be used depending upon infestation extent.


    Once the treatment is done, we arrange revisits to your places to check whether the services offered are effective or not. Also, we equip the homeowners with useful tips to keep the premise free from those nasty small critters.

    Allergy-Proof Eco-Friendly Pest Control Services

    Hire the professionals of Back 2 No Pest here you will get the most effective and beneficial solutions which will help to hinder all kinds of pest infestations. We provide our customers with allergy-proof as well as eco-friendly pest control services at a reasonable amount of money all across Brisbane.

    Other Pests We handle:


    Ants are assumed to be originally discovered in South Africa. It is supposed that their sting is very unsafe. Ants are eternally vigilant about their mound If anyone attempts to reach them they will certainly bite them. Ants bite repeatedly and their sting can produce several predicaments to your well-being. Therefore Back 2 No Pest is available for you 24/7 and on weekends as well to protect you from the infestation of ants.


    Hire the professionals of Back 2 No Pest and say no to borers if you are dealing with their infestation. We have a team of technicians who are extremely trained and furnished with the best and efficient appliances to stop the infestation of borers inside and outside your house as well.

    Flies & Mosquitoes:

    Although, flies sting does not cause any lethal infection. But flying together in a huge number can absolutely ruin your state of mind. To deter mosquitoes from invading inside your houses, make sure there are not any stored water areas because normally, mosquitoes flattened on them. And Back 2 No Pest is here for your help as well. We are giving total protection from flies and mosquitoes with the utilization of top-notch and latest tools.

    Experienced and Reliable Pest Control Team

    We are not naive who have just stepped into the industry. But, we have been giving a tough fight to the pests for more than 20 years now. It is our hard work and dedication that kept us going and helped us overcome ups and downs throughout our journey. Besides experience, we have also earned the trust of locals as well. The trust and confidence of the locals work as the motivation that encourages us to improve with every pest extermination treatment.


    ✔ Emergency pest control service:

    Are you looking for excellent emergency pest control services in Brisbane? In that case, our expert team of pest exterminators can offer you quick yet reliable pest removal services. Moreover, no matter the hour, you can rely on us to help you out, irrespective of where you stay in Brisbane.


    ✔ Dead pest removal service:

    We understand that dead pests emit a pungent odour that can become nauseating quickly. That is why we offer top-rated dead pest removal services with the help of our local pest control experts. Moreover, for excellent pest solutions, we use top-grade materials and make sure that your place is safe to live in once again.


    We Can Also Inspect, Find, Control Or Remove Them


    Beetles are small, hard insects belonging to the Coleoptera order. These have a tough exoskeleton and elytra or forewings that are not used for flying. Beetles undergo the four stages of metamorphosis – egg, larva, pupa, and adult.


    Generally grouped with insects, mites actually belong to the class of Arachnids. These are small organisms that have eight legs. These are common pests that wreak havoc on gardens and landscapes by feeding on trees and vegetables.


    Native to New Guinea, Australia and Sulawesi, Possums are a sub-order consisting of about 70 marsupial species, which live on trees. Moreover, these organisms are partially arboreal and generally nocturnal.

    Rats & Mice/Mouse

    Mice and rats belong to the rodent family. Though both these living organisms are capable of causing extensive damage, there are some distinct differences too. Mice are small creatures ranging from 12-20 cm, while the rats are bigger with lengths as much as 40 cm or more.


    Belonging to the order Zygentoma, silverfish are wingless, small insects. These are nocturnal pests and have a fish-like appearance. The insects live in moist areas, and thus you must make sure that your attics, kitchens, sinks, basements, etc., are free from wet spots.


    Termites are small insects that feed on wood to survive. These establish colonies and thus have a pre-set caste system that includes – king, queen, secondary queen, tertiary queen, soldiers, and workers. They mostly rely on their legs for movement, despite having wings.

    Why Choose Back 2 No Pest?

    Along with guaranteed pest control fumigation services, there are multiple reasons to hire us.

    • Safe and affordable pest control methods
    • Moreover, we use all the latest methods for pest control
    • Also, we are there 24*7
    • Plus, we work on weekends and public holidays
    • We schedule revisits for effective pest control
    • Also, we hire only licensed pest controllers
    • Same day and emergency pest control services

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    Location – Brisbane, QLD, Australia

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    How Back2NoPest help you to get rid of pests?

    Back2NoPest uses the best and high-quality chemicals and spray that prevents pests from rebirth. We have expert professionals who provide the best services to the customers at a cheap cost.

    How can Brisbane control pests?

    Pest control in Brisbane can be done by using eco-friendly chemicals with no side effects on humans. Pests can also be controlled by keeping the home, offices, and near areas clean.

    What are the main services that are provided by pest controllers?

    The main services provided by the pest controllers are emergency pest services, inspection of pests, and different pest control services like ant removal, bed bug removal, cockroach removal, and many more.