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Ants Control Brisbane – If you have started detecting hundreds of ants walking in long trails across your kitchen counter, you might have a serious ant infestation problem. Your home might have a greater ant trouble than what you are seeing. These tiny and fascinating insects are able to effectively assign roles and communicate freely in order to grow and expand their colonies. And though this is great for ants, it’s not really great for your home and your family.

It is crucial to take preventative measures and talk to a Professional Pest Control expert to eliminate and regulate these pests. It is very difficult to remove their nests permanently once they establish a colony near your property. Moreover, ants are constantly prying about in your kitchen, particularly looking for sweet and sugary stuff, and contaminating them. This can pose a serious health risk for your family. In addition to that, some ants also sting, making them a serious threat to your pets and children.

Ant Colonies and Ant Infestations

Irrespective of the species, every ant colony tends to have as a minimum one queen ant. The only role of a queen ant is to lay thousands of eggs every day in order to grow and expand the colony. Every ant colony houses more than a quarter-million ants. An average worker ant lives up to 7 years, whereas a queen ant lives up to 20 years.

Thousands of eggs every day for 20 years! These colonies expand at a tremendous rate. Hence, it is vital to deal with ant infestations quickly and effectively. You can also hire our best and expert pest controllers to take the benefits of bed bug control services in Brisbane.

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    Common Ant Infestations in Brisbane

    Following are some of the most common ant infestation in Brisbane, Brisbane and nearby areas:
    • Red Pavement Ants

      As their name suggest, you can find these ants usually on driveways, sidewalks, and asphalt. Red pavement ants tend to have huge colonies, with the queen ant laying hundreds of eggs every hour to expand it further. These ants will eat all kinds of food items. So make sure they don’t find their way inside your house and near food sources. They can, and they will, destroy your home in order to extract food materials and take them back to their colony.

    • Formic Ants

      While these do not usually sting, they will bite you if they feel threatened. They are also known for spraying formic acid with the tip of their abdomen against preys. Their primary food source is honeydew formed by aphids. You can find formic ant infestations in your gardens near trees and under heavy rocks.

    • Odorous House Ants

      These are common household ants you always find wandering inside your kitchen. They find their way into your homes by crevices and cracks in walls. If you crush these ants they will release a foul smell of decayed coconut, therefore they are called odorous house ants. These are not much of a danger, but a major source of nuisance. They can contaminate all your food items if not dealt with immediately.

    Hire Professional Assistance

    If you have noticed any of these ants swarming around your homes or offices, your property is already infested. Immediately contact a professional control service to deal with such infestations. These expert ant control service providers are trained and experienced in removing all kinds of ant infestations from their root. Back 2 No Pest is a well-renowned pest control company in Brisbane that provides best ant control services at most affordable prices. Back 2 No Pest provides ants control in Brisbane. Book now at today. Call our experts today at 07 3062 8509 to get a free quote of our ant control services and schedule a free inspection. We provide 24*7 emergency support for all kinds of pest infestations.

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