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Bed bugs usually lay around 200 to 500 eggs during their lifetime and under satisfactory room temperatures and food supply, and they mainly mature in around 35 days and live up to 7-12 months which is more than 300 days. All this makes it more difficult to get rid of them easily without the help of professional bed bugs pest control services.

More About Bed Bugs

The Grown-up or the adult bed bugs are around 3/16″ long and reddish-brown in color, with oval-formed and straightened bodies. Whereas the immature bed bugs are called as nymphs and also resembles somewhat like the adults but are small in size and lighter in color than the adult bed bugs. They appear translucent also.

These bloodsucker insects don’t fly or don’t hop like fleas do ― however, they can crawl quickly over floors and different surfaces.

They may cause extreme skin related problems to us like skin indications from no noticeable impacts to prominent blisters, skin rashes, mental impacts, and many other allergic side effects.

Bed bugs are the small parasitic insects which are mainly persists in the close of proximity of your beds.  They are a size in size, brownish in color, flattened type. They also belong to the cimicidae family and mainly feed on the blood of the warm-blooded animals.

The common type of bed bugs found in houses is scientifically known as Cimex lectularius. And this type of bed bugs feeds mainly on the human blood so they are also called as the “human parasite”.

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    Investigating Bed Bug Infestation

    Professionals of Back 2 No Pest detect the bed bug infestation by noticing the following things:

    • Rusty and red spots on bed coverings or cushions caused by bed bugs.
    • Dark specks (of this size: •.)
    • Eggs, which are little (about 1mm) and light yellow peels that nymphs emitted as they become longer.
    • Active bed bugs.
    Professional Bed Bug ControlProfessional Bed Bug Control

    Areas of breeding

    The most common areas of home or business where these small monsters persist are:

    • The Mattress and the box spring
    • Bed frame and head or footboards
    • Furniture –Sofas
    • Walls and carpets
    • Electronics and other Appliances
    • Cabinets
    Professional Bed Bugs Pest Control
    Professional Bed Bugs Pest Control

    How to control bed bugs?

    The main thing which can control the bed bugs breeding is by maintaining the hygiene of your place and also by cleaning all the places where these bed bugs can rely or feed upon.

    The various ways to treat or exterminate the bed bugs from your place are:

    • Cleaning bedding, materials, drapes, and apparel in heated water and dries them on the most astounding dryer setting.
    • Scrubbing mattress to expel bloodsuckers and their eggs
    • Vacuum all bedding or furniture zone.
    • Repairing the cracks in a mortar and paste down stripping wallpaper to dispose of the spots where bed bugs can hide away.
    • Get rid of any mess around your bedding area.
    • Contact the best bed bugs pest control services available near you, so that to get the best professional assistance.

    As per the entomologist expert’s studies, the bed bug infestations may require more than 2-3 bed bug treatments as they are the small monsters which cannot be removed easily.

    How Back 2 No Pest professionals can Help you Get Rid of Bed Bug Infestation?

    The professional bed bug extermination treatments are of two types such as:

    • Chemical treatment program
    • Bed bug heat treatment extermination

    These are the two professional bed bug treatments techniques mainly used by most of the professional bed bugs pest control services. Our experts are equipped with latest technology so that they can help you to keep the pests at bay.