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Have you been noticing many wasps and bees hovering around your garden? If yes, then there is a probability that a beehive or wasp nest is nearby. Though these small bugs can be beneficial for both your garden and environment by pollinating plants and killing other insects, their stings are excruciatingly painful. They can also cause severe allergic reactions in humans which require immediate medical response. Bee infestations are very dangerous. Therefore it’s recommended to rely on professionals and call Back 2 No Pest Bee Control Services to remove their hives and relocate them safely.

How to Identify Bee Infestations?

The head of bees is usually covered with hair. Their body and abdomen are black with yellow, orange, or brown stripes. The nest of bees, called a beehive, is built from hundreds of honeycomb cells. These honeycombs are made up of wax. One can commonly find them in buildings, trees, and attics. Bees are also susceptible to attack and sting if they think their queen or their hive is in danger.

How to Deal With Bee Infestations?

Unless you have experience in beekeeping, you should never try to remove a beehive by yourself. Bees are extremely dangerous as they usually attack in groups where you can end up with dozens of stings. On the other hand, if you have an allergy, their sting will cause severe reactions and possibly also an anaphylactic shock. Dealing with these stinging bug requires expert skills and training. So it’s better to leave it to professionals and call bee control services.

Back 2 No Pest is the best Professional Pest Control Service for you when it comes to dealing with them quickly and efficiently. Our expert beekeepers have years of experience and knowledge in removing bee infestations.

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    Back 2 No Pest Bee Control Service

    At Back 2 No Pest, experts understand what it exactly takes to eliminate and prevent stinging pests from your residential and commercial premises. Beehives and nests are usually made in places that are hard to reach. But our trained beekeepers have special equipment and experience to resolve all kinds of bee related issues. At Back 2 No Pest, it is our pleasure to help you with our professional bee control services.

    Our Bee Control Service Process

    Back 2 No Pest professionals follow a specific approach to remove bee infestations in public places quickly and efficiently.


    • Our approach begins with a thorough inspection of your home or office and it is surroundings. This is done to determine the extent of bee infestations and the species of bees. This is vital as different hives require different means of removal.

    Bee Removal and Re-location

    • Bees are an important part of our environment. So our first priority is to always capture and then release them away in forests. Our treatments are formulated with this motive in mind. However, if they get aggressive, experts are also prepared with special fog machines to destroy entire hives.

    Contact Back 2 No Pest Bee Removal Service

    We specialize providing pest control service for these stinging insects. Back 2 No Pest can handle and prevent all type of bee infestations in your homes, offices, and gardens. Our skilled and trained beekeepers and their targeted techniques allow us to provide reliable bee control services across Melbourne, Brisbane. Back 2 No Pest uses the latest technology and most innovative methods to end the invasion of these pests as soon as possible.

    Call us today at 1800 441 506 to schedule a free inspection of bee infestation and get a free quote of our bee removal services. Our experts are available 24*7 to provide emergency support for all pest related problems.