Possum Removal Brisbane

About Back 2 No Pest And Our Strength In Possum Removal Work

For possum removal in Brisbane, we are a specialist pest control company with years of experience in the field. We have a roof possum expulsion Brisbane team that works primarily for removing dead and alive possums from roofs and ceilings. Your Possum Removal Brisbane will be handled efficiently by experts at Back 2 No Pest as we have local servicemen in all suburbs of Brisbane.

Possum Removal Brisbane

What are Possums? 

Possums are one of the species under rodent categories. But they are now endangered in Australia so no one can kill them. Possums are known for gaining access to building walls through ceilings and under houses.

Benefits For Hiring Possum catchers to Get Rid of Possums 

  • They help you get rid of Possums very efficiently with the help of a possum trap. 
  • They follow a consistent procedure to prevent pests from barging into your homes again. 
  • They might also install possum boxes for you if it’s needed.
  • They offer a twelve months warranty on all possum services as proof of their efficient job and if within this time pests try to come back, you can get another pest removal from their side. 
  • The services they provide are all legal, humane relocation of Possums. 

Services Offered Back 2 No Pest In Brisbane For Possum Removal

Residential Possum Removal

At Back 2 No Pest, we are available to offer our customers service regardless of any homeowner. All possum entry points to the problem area of the property should be identified. This includes sealing small gaps, replacing cracked or damaged tiles on the roof, repairing lifting roof sheets, sealing gaps around pipes, and preventing access to the subfloor. 

As many days and nights as needed to catch all possums on your property, we’ll set and remove traps for you. Possums can be deterred from crossing your roof by pruning overhanging shrubs and trees. Give your possums the option of a safe, alternative home by providing and installing a possum box nearby.  Our residential possum removal services include possum removal from the roof, possum catcher, possum trapper, and dead possum removal.

Any possums that have been trapped in the area should be released as required by all possum permits in the state of Queensland After the possums are released, we guarantee that they will not return to your home. Our Possum Removal Brisbane service comes with a full warranty on our possum proofing. You can also get the best residential termite control service in Brisbane.

Basic Removal of Possum by Using a Possum Trap

We employ our licensed trappers to set up and maintain your possum trap in compliance with the law. Your builder or handyperson can fix all possum access points for you if you’re having renovations done.

If there are any trapped possums near your home, let them go free. 

As highly intelligent and cunning animals, possums have a variety of ways to get onto a house or building’s roof. For the possums to stay off your roof, your builder must find and repair all possible entry points. The possums try to head back to your roofs no matter how much you try to get rid of them. 

Why should you go for professional Possum removal services by Back 2 No Pest?

The reason why you would need to hire exterminators at Back 2 No Pest is mainly because we are the experts in this field. We know how to do this job better than others. 

When you hire us, you can expect a satisfactory result. Mostly, it is really difficult to get rid of these pests once they enter your homes, and even if you get rid of them for a while, they eventually come back so it’s better to contact Back 2 No Pest. 

  • Avoid any issue in terms of health and well being because of possum treatment and removal
  • Mental peace after possum removal
  • No losing your valuable belongings
  • Feel safe at your home
  • No more getting haunted by attacks of possums
  • A better living environment around you


Q1. Do you offer possum removal services near Edmondstone street?

Yes, we offer services near Edmondstone Street, Brisbane, and within a range of 100 miles from the main city of Brisbane. 

Q2. What is meant by the term possum dermatitis?

According to recent research, some possums suffer from severe skin infections, which are infected with a wide variety of bacteria. Hair loss can be severe, and infections in the eyes are possible. Vets at the Australia Zoo have found it difficult to restore the animal’s health to its former glory. 

As a result of territorial disputes, it is more common in male brushtails, and it is exacerbated in urban areas where there are fewer places to hide.

Q3. Are there any chances that possum can also summon other animals into my roof?

There are increasing numbers of houses with two possums in Brisbane, and it is not uncommon to find four possums on one roof. Possums will coexist with rodents, and their messy behavior and food scraps may attract rats. Neither possum nor rats will deter pythons, which enjoy consuming them.

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Possum Removal Brisbane