Silverfish Prevention Tips By Pest Control Brisbane

Silverfish are the cause of concern for many homeowners as they damage the paper product, clothes, etc. Most of the time, infestation remains out of sight as they come out during the night.

The professional Pest Control Brisbane wants you to know that traditional remedies are mostly unsuccessful in treating them. In such cases, an alternative like prevention is the best way to stop them from entering.

Let us look at some prevention tips, but first, know how you identify if you have silverfish infestation.

Identification Of Silverfish:

Silverfish are bluish silver or grey, teardrop-shaped, and range in size from 12 to 19mm. They target starchy food, including the book, glue, carpet, paper, silk, flour, coffee, etc. The common sign of attack is feeding marks like irregular holes, bite and cut along the edge. On the other hand, you can also notice yellow stains, scales, and tiny droppings.

How To Keep Silverfish Out?

Pest control professionals in Brisbane suggests the best way to keep this creature out is to follow some preventive measures:

Achieve Preventive Measures By Cleaning:

Regularly clean the unnecessary things from home like unused wooden and cardboard boxes, the pile of papers, etc. Apart from this, follow a regular vacuum to remove the eggs of silverfish. They also thrive in the carpeted area; therefore, don’t forget to clean it.

Keep Surroundings Dry:

Keeping home dry is an important preventive measure. One thing is to use dehumidifiers that provide an unwelcome environment for silverfish. Also, ensure that there are no leaks in plumbing and pipes for a damp-free home.

Remove Newspaper And Wallpaper:

Check newspaper and old books and put them where abundant sunlight reaches. Take a note of the infestation sign as suggested by the professional Pest Control in Brisbane and replace the older wallpaper with a new one if there is a heavy infestation.

Seal The Entry Points:

Your cleaning efforts are more successful if you fill the holes, cracks specifically in your basement, or any other dark areas. 

Use Containers To Store Food:

Silverfish infest in the home for the food source. Therefore, keep the grains and other food items in airtight containers or glass jars.

Seek The Help Of Expert Pest Control In Australia:

Though low infestation is not so damaging, when they grow in numbers controlling them is essential. You should leave them on professionals to assess the situation and provide a specific solution in such a case.


Every home is different, and the level of infestation is also different. Though you follow these preventive tips, the pest attack is unavoidable. Therefore, if you schedule an inspection, professional Pest Control Brisbane will always be happy to help you get rid of silverfish.