Ways to Escape Killer Bees

Killer bees are also known as African honeybees. Although your chances of getting stung by them are quite rare, they attack aggressively when they do. Killer bees do not look for victims to sting; neither do they hide beside a tree waiting for you to attack. These aggressive bees often attack in swarms only when they find you a threat.

Professional Assistance of Pest Control Services
Professional Assistance of Pest Control Services

Although They Get Unavoidable at Times, There are Things That Can Help You Escape Them. Have a Look-

  • Run Away-

    Killer bees consider it as a threat when you hover around their nest. In fact, they call other hive members signaling them to attack in unison. Therefore the longer you stay in the area; the more Bee Pest Control would arrive keeping you as their target. Running away from the nest as early as possible then does make a lot of sense!
  • Seek Indoor Shelter-

    Since killer bees are most commonly found in outside areas, you must seek indoor shelter in case they attack. Do not forget the doors and windows however once you are inside. This will restrict their entry, forcing them to return to their hive. If there’s no building nearby, go to the nearest shed or car that you spot. Since African honey bees can’t follow you for long, it’s advisable to keep running. They’ll go after a time.
  • Protect Yourself-

    If you have a jacket or any other cloth, the same can be used to protect yourself. Use it as a cover to protect your head. Do not forget to protect your face and eyes as well if at all possible. Make sure not to obstruct your vision while you do so. Also, call someone for Cheap Pest Control in Melbourne as the attack can recur even if you are able to escape the bees.
  • Do Not Stay Still-

    Remember killer bees won’t stay calm once they are in their aggressive stage, no matter how hard you try! Therefore if they are stinging you, staying still should never be an option. The bees do not stop when you play dead and would continue attacking you. Taking an apt course of action such as running is the best course of action.
  • Do Not Swat –

    Swatting at the bees is a signal to them that you are about to cause some harm to them. The same thing happens when you wave your arms in an attempt to fend them off. This, in fact, confirms to them that you are a potential threat. In such a scenario, they will sting you even more.
  • Don’t Jump Into a Pool-

    Jumping into a pool or any other water body for that matter is the dumbest decision that you can take. Instead of going away, killer bees would wait for you to come to the surface and once you do, they won’t spare you. Moreover, you won’t be able to hold your breath for too long, in the hope that they would go away.

Hire Professional Assistance of Pest Control Services

Since the stinger can still continue pumping venom into your body, you must do something about it. It is advisable to get rid of any stingers when you are at a safe place by using a blunt object. The sooner you remove the same, the lesser the venom that enters your body.

Pest Control Services
Pest Control Services

If it’s someone else who is the victim, you must cover them up with something as soon as possible. While running for help must also be on your priority, covering their exposed skin or susceptible areas is what you must do first. If you find bee infestation nearby, go for professional bee pest control straight away. Contact Back 2 No Pest for the most effective bee control services.